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Ben Robinson started his new scrap business in 1928 in Houston, Texas. He was a very hard working person and spent most of his daylight hours running the business and catering to his customers. In fact, Ben was not only known as a sharp businessman but also a kind person who it has often been said of would give the very shirt off his back in order to help others. Later on in life, Ben starting bringing his grandchildren to work with him. Learning the lessons and value of a hard, honest day’s work, we would rise at 4:00 am in the morning before eating breakfast at 5:00 am. Afterwards we would all travel to work together. Many years later in addition to buying and selling scrap, Ben’s original business expanded when he started buying and selling surplus items, including pipe.
Ben passed away in 1985 and is sorely missed every day. His two Grandsons, Cary and Ross Robinson branched out and started a new business, Robinson Pipe & Supply, in 1986. Following the traditions learned from Ben, Cary and Ross Robinson concentrated on their customer’s needs by fulfilling their orders as quickly and reasonably priced as possible. Many of our oldest customers still ask fondly about Ben and we always tell them that he’s smoking his big cigar, looking down on us from heaven. His picture hangs proudly in our lobby.
Today Robinson Pipe & Supply has become a premier pipe supplier for the southwest United States. We concentrate on fast deliveries, fast load outs, very competitive prices, and excellent customer service. Our hours are longer than most other similar companies and we are available 24 hours a day by telephone as well as for loading.
The following Services as well as others Not listed here:  
  Welding and Fabricating Services  
  Wall Dent & End Repairs  
  Sign Pole Fabrication  
  We buy used & Surplus Materials  
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